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Upgrading a Heritage Listed Family Home in Mittagong

By Additions

new deck addition

This client has a growing family and also works from home. They asked Longshaw Construction to help them build a garage with an area for an office space on their property as well as to upgrade the entertaining deck off the back of their home. Their home is heritage listed and council required that the garage match the house.

The space has changed dramatically, with the backyard inviting the children to play while Mum and Dad get to relax on the deck after a hard day’s work.

Street View

garage addition in a heritage home in mittagong

Entry to new garage from house


Before the renovation

Before the renovation

Constructing Custom Doors with Italian Wrought Iron

By Additions, Joinery


Not all jobs are created equal. Sometimes building involves more cobwebs and muck than you can imagine. But not this job. This one was a pleasure from start to finish.

The task for this job was to help separate the television area from the sitting area without shutting off the room completely. This Bundanoon client had a very definite style in mind, including French Doors with open panels filled with a wrought iron feature, but not sealed. She hadn’t been able to find anything pre-made, so approached us to build the doors for her.

We worked with her to find solid timber doors that were in keeping with the rest of her home and that would suit the base for her design. Upon delivery, we then very carefully cut out the 3 middle panels from each door, sanding and finishing the openings to look like the panels had never been there.

Meanwhile, GMF welding, exceptional metal workers in Bowral constructed the wrought iron component of the client’s design. When these were completed, we installed them into the cutout sections of the doors and then fitted the finished doors into her home. Now that they’re in, it’s hard to imagine the room without them.


Cottage Renovation in Bundanoon

By Renovations

Job – convert a derelict cottage into a livable weekender on a minimal budget for a client who has recently bought in the area and is considering relocating to Bundanoon permanently down the track but is not ready to invest in a full home build yet.

I get to work on some surprising homes. This one is partly an old rail carriage – that has been patched over with various forms of cladding (including asbestos) over the past few decades and become sadly neglected in more recent years. The new owners want to improve its life and make it a comfortable weekender while they scope the area as a potential place to move in the future.

rail carriage explosed beneath cladding

In the above picture, we are removing the corrugated iron that has been nailed to the carriage end. You can see the rounded carriage roof – covered by a SIP roof and the timber planking. It was originally clad with two layers of timber with a layer of felt insulation (about 6mm of felt sandwiched between two sheets of tarred paper). Unfortunately, the termites have had a go at the planks and some are in very poor condition.

new colourbond cladding is joined to existing areas of colourbond that are still in good conditionthe original chimney was one of the reasons the client decided not to knock down the shack






The above pictures show the renovation in its final stages. New Colourbond cladding has been joined to original sections of colourbond that are still in good condition. The original chimney (above left) formed much of the charm that the clients wanted to keep and highlight as a feature of their little home away from home.

The final stage of the project was to add a small deck off the north facing side of the cottage, with a wind and privacy screen on the western side.

budget building renovation in bundanoon

In order to save on budget, as well as to add a little of their own touch, the client has chosen to paint the deck and screen themselves. So, with the help of a little rewiring and a few lighting fixes by Grosvenor Electrical, our work here is done.

Rendering an Outdoor Fireplace on the Windy Side of Bundanoon

By Additions, Render and Natural Finishes

a view to build for

This client sacrificed a protected spot to capture superb views on a hill in Bundanoon. Imagine seeing the above view every night from your lounge room window! In order to take advantage of the sunset (pictured above), they’ve created a small outdoor area on the northern side of the property that is protected by the house.

This is where they spend their glorious Summers and, with the addition of an outdoor fireplace/pizza oven, some cosy Winters as well.

This client is pretty handy and built the structure himself using besser blocks, sandstone and fire bricks. Upon completion, he asked us to come and help out with the Rockcote Marrakesh rendered finish.

base coat render with black oxide tint

In the original design, the client thought to match the colour of the outdoor kitchen to the external chimney of the home (pictured below right). In order to test the suitability of the colour, we added black oxide to the base coat to get an idea of the finished look (shown above).

In doing this, the client was able to see that this was not exactly the right colour for them and they chose a lighter coloured finish which matched more closely to the house colour for the final coat (below). They also asked if we could create a sandstone “effect” over the head of the fireplace to be in keeping with the sandstone tops and to add contrast to the overall finish.

the final coat of render on the outdoor oven is completedthe finished outdoor kitchen - view from the front of the house






With the render complete, the fireplace is ready to go. We know who we’ll be visiting for dinner this Winter!